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AL MALOMAT COMPUTERS TR. is an Information and Communication Technology solution provider based in Sharjah, established with an aim to provide best services and innovative computer technologies to the customers in U.A.E. Our focus is on developing and supporting your IT infrastructure taking into account your business needs and constraints. We can act as a client’s IT department, or add expertise to an existing IT internal arrangement.

Few Great Reasons Make You Choose us

  • Networking/ Structured Cabling

    Our high levels of skills and experience helps us to provide you with an exceptional array of computer network support and networking services. From the latest wireless IT environment to an advanced combination of wireless and cable system, we give you the connection. We provide simplified and optimized network infrastructure that is directly aligned to support an organization’s core business services. We deliver total solutions to our customers, which includes designing, implementing, monitoring and maintaining network infrastructure.
    We are specialists in designing and setting up local area networks which enables companies to make more efficient use of their IT investment. A computer network setup allows companies to share data, printers, calendars, contact databases easily and automatically so that every member of staff always has access to the very latest information. A well designed and maintained network system is a must have for most small businesses. No matter what your line of business is, our team can design a network that does anything you require.
    Our Related Service Include:
    • Network Infrastructure design & Implementation.
    • Network Installation/ Structured Cabling (CAT 5 /6).
    • Fiber Optic Installation and Testing.
    • Configuring LAN / WAN / Wifi/ VPN Infrastructure.
    • Network Security
  • Telecommunication

    To achieve anywhere, anytime access, we have solutions for voice and data communications, messaging and customer management. We use IP technology to deliver more functionality at a lower cost. It will help you lower the cost of communications, with capabilities like conferencing, making call over a managed Internet services (Voice over IP) and the all-in-one benefits of a converged communications system.
    Our Related Service Include:
    • Identify Business & User Needs.
    • Assess Current Network Situation, and discuss the expansion possibilities.
    • Identify the Right product, Design The Solution.
    • Implementation & Testing.
    • Service & Support.
    We design, install, monitor and maintain:
    • VoIP and converged solutions
    • EPABX systems (analog, digital, SIP and IP)
  • Surveillance, Security Solutions

    We can provide you with the specialist assistance that you need to implement security solutions that will enable your company to realize the benefits in cost savings and productivity that the Internet can bring without exposing your internal systems to attack from hackers, viruses, mail relay and password thieves. Now that the internet has come of age, your company faces new threats such as spam, worms and spy ware, and needs to accommodate new technologies such as instant messaging and streaming media.
    We can help you to implement the latest web security and email security technology that will allow your company to make the most efficient use of internet bandwidth whilst enforcing your company’s acceptable usage policy.
    We recommend multiple levels of security solutions:
    • Gateway level securities.
    • Firewall (Software / Hardware): Protects your network & Data from Intruders.
    • Intruder detection systems.
    • Anti spam.
    • Desktop level security.
    • CCTV / IP Camera: 24/7 Video recording, Monitoring & Recording services.
    • Access Control: Restricts access to your office.
    • Biometric Attendance System: Keep track of employ attendance (Including reports for payroll).
    • Business Edition Antivirus: Centralized Virus protection & monitoring for your Server, PC & laptops.
  • Data Security

    Data security is very important to businesses and even personal computer users across the world. Confidential data from payment information, client information and bank account details to personal files and documents should be stored safely. Should this information be lost or fall into the hands of an unauthorized user, it can be very hard to replace and can be potentially dangerous to your business. Laptops and data that is lost due to natural disasters like in a flood or in a fire, is in itself very debilitating for a business.But losing your laptop or data to a thief, hacker or malware infection can have
    much more serious consequences. And this is why anti-theft measures and software’s have become so important today.With the increase in the number of laptop and mobile thefts taking place, it is not enough to just back up your confidential data. Security measures need to be taken to prevent confidential data from falling into the wrong hands. If in case you find your mobile phone or laptop is missing, and you suspect that it has been stolen, never take the situation lightly. You never know what a thief could do with your information.
    Effective data security starts with keeping an overall risk assessment strategy in place.This enables you to first identify the most common risks you will face, and what would most likely happen to your valuable data if it is stolen or lost. Other potential threats include:
    • Physical threats: Power outages, fires, theft, or purposeful damage.
    • Human error: Unintended deletion of data, mistaken processing of data, etc.
  • IT Support Services

    We offer range of IT services & Support that includes:
    • IT Infrastructure, Design & Implementation.
    • Location Shifting.
    • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Schedules.
    • Server and Data Migration.
    • Email Solutions.
    • Cloud Solutions.
    • Online Support 24x7 Technical Team.
    • Server Installation & Configuration.
    • Web Filtering & Monitoring solutions.
    • Weekly Monitoring services.
    • System & Virus Updates.
    • Active and Passive component Performance Report on monthly basis.
    • Data Backup.
    • Network / Bandwidth Monitoring.
  • Data Recovery Solutions

    We have professionally qualified and certified experts in this field who can do backup files, backup system, files recovery, data doctor recovery, partition recovery, recovery files, disk recovery, data recovery, data repair, data backup, data migration, data protector backup. Our own data recovery process is prepared to act in the event of a disaster. The data on a backup media will not be sufficient for a complete recovery of your system. Our team is ready and well equipped to recover your critical data.
  • Hardware & Software Sales

    • Desktops
    • Laptops
    • Servers
    • Printers
    • Scanners
    • Tablets
    • IP Camera
    • DVR
    • Cables ( Ethernet, Fibers Optic )
    • Switches/ Routers
    • Firewall
    • NAS
    • VOIP Solutions (Avaya/ Cisco)
    • PABX (Panasonic/ NEC)
    • Telephone Devices
    • OS (Win 7, Win 8/ MS Windows 2008 Server/ Windows 2012 Server).
    • Antivirus Softwares.
    • Accounting / Inventory / Payroll Solutions.
    • Tailor made Softwares (according to customer requirement).
    • Email Solutions (MDeamon, MS Exchange).
    • Cloud Solutions (MS 365, Google Cloud).
    • Attendance Systems.
    • DMS (Data Management Solutions) & all other general softwares such as MS Office, AutoCAD, 3D Max, Photoshop etc…
  • Web Designing/Development & Domain Hosting/ Server Space

    We have 7+ years of experience in the filed of Web Designing, Development, Domain hosting and space providing.
    Web Designing & Development
    • Designing a website by knowing the actual requirment of the clients.
    • Following the latest web statandards & making eye catchy websites.
    • Easy navigation & direct to point of action.
    • 100+ satisfied clients
    Domain Hosting & Server Space
    • We provide a large variety of domain extensions which suits your business, starts from .com, .ae, .org, .tv, info and the list goes on
    • We provide Server spaces for our clients from the worlds best & leading servers
    • 99.9% problem free servers
    • 24 x 7 Client assistance